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Buy Better + Spend Better is our unique approach to procurement, providing a one-two punch to drive significant savings.

Buy Better is a supply-led effort that focuses on price and volume allocation, negotiating prices and terms, managing price risks, pooling volumes, and contracts, shifting volumes to best-price suppliers, and leveraging procurement networks.

Spend Better is an operations-led effort to control demand, enforce compliance, reduce complexity, perform value engineering, address make-versus-buy decisions, and take related steps to foster efficient spending.

Buy Better + Spend Better does more than just reduce costs. It elevates your procurement function by also reducing supply chain risk, supporting continuous quality and service improvement, fostering better decision-making about suppliers, optimizing resource allocation, and more. It enables you to clearly define category segmentation and strategy, and it’s supported by a detailed analysis of your spending

The confidence that you are getting the best advice and product or service for your business needs. When you know that our only focus is your success, you know that we only source the best product or service for your needs, based on your budget. We are not there to up-sell or recommend any products or services based on increased margin or any particular vendor promotions.

Our fully transparent pricing and passing on of any vendor discounts.

We are happy to show you our cost prices and demonstrate that we are not making any margin off the procurement. If we receive any additional vendor discounts, we automatically pass them on to you.

Our economies of scale and strong vendor relationships

We are vendor-neutral, but we also have the opportunity to procure a lot of products or services from an array of leading vendors for our customers. We use our economies of scale and our strong vendor relationships to source product or service quickly, dealing with any issues efficiently with expert knowledge and better support.

Our value-added services, such as our in-house pre-configuration service.

The procurement solution is more than just delivering boxes on time and for an agreed cost. We can add value to the process by testing and pre-configuring equipment for you, shortening the time needed on-site, and making the entire process more seamless.