• Email Address: info@earnity.co.tz
  • Phone number: +255 658 833 000


Our diverse and extremely varied client base probably includes organizations whose needs are similar to those of your company.  Like yourself, they require efficient movement of their goods along with ultra-careful documentation and attention to detail to eliminate delays and expedite delivery, that is on time every time.

Most consignments of goods we deal with pose no danger to the public or to those people involved in transporting them. However, some goods are potentially hazardous and so if you are to avoid unnecessary risks, delays, and problems you must be aware of the strict ‘Carriage of Dangerous Goods’ regulations both here in Tanzania and internationally.

Through our long-standing relationships with a number of specialist haulage, and courier transport companies throughout Tanzania, we can arrange transportation for your cargo to their destinations, safely and timely and almost certainly at a more preferential rate than you as an individual can obtain.